Name:   Oil Quality Analyzer
Brand:   THY
Model:  THY-23A(smart)
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Ⅰ.Product efficacy:  

Main Functions:

Rapid test oil contaminant, water content in 10 seconds
◆Detecting whether have metal particles in lube oil beyond 60μm
◆Determining the new purchased lubricant is qualified or not

Product Advantages:

Connect with PC for querying date.
300 types of oil data in world market for reference.
Automatically save oil data with 4GB ROM.
Automatically form the oil curves with test result.
Rechargeable Li Battery

Ⅱ、Product Description:  
The model THY-23A is a portable and intelligent oil quality analyzer.The product can be normally used with Li battery under the system of data processing,low voltage and low power consumption.A 2.8-inch color screen shows operating prompt in English characters of each function that convenient to read various data.Automatic calibration of the analyzer greatly improve the testing efficiency,the analyzer will shut down automatically in no man operation state.Hand- held design is convenient for on-site and wild field use.

Product Features Technical Specifications
2.8-Inch TFT color screen with English display.
Automatic calibration with great testing efficiency.
Automatic judgment whether the oil chamber clean or not.
Automatic judge whether have metal particles beyond 60 μm in oil.
Advanced processor with low power consumption and longer battery service life.
Automatic shut down in no man operation state.
Portable aluminium alloy suitcase,more convenient for testing.
Range 0~199.9
Repeatability ≤ ± 0.02
Temperature -15℃~ +55℃
Power ≤0.3W
N.W. 0.4kg
Water test accuracy: 0.01%

Visually display the testing results by full chinese character LCD. high sensative sensor
Water-proof membrane,oil-proof soft keyboard. More amity graphical interface and convenient operation
Ⅲ.Main Benefits:  

    1.Rapid detection of oil pollution degree.
    2.Rapid detection of water content in oil.
    3.Detecting metal particles beyond 60μm.
    4、Screen display
    1).2.8-Inch TFT color display screen.
    2).Operating interface with graphical display.
    3).Real-time display the current Date, Time, Battery Level.
    5、Data storage:
    1).Automatic memory of oil serial number,needn’t input number again in next detection of same oil.
    2).Testing date stored in【.txt】format,with 4GB ROM.
    6、Data query:
    1).Test result can be queried,and display that Date,Time,Test Value.
    2).Forming the oil curves automatically after several times testing date.
    7、Data share:Connecting PC via USB interface,sharing test date(Copy,Query,Archive).
    8.Over 400 kinds of oil scrapped reference value for the query
    9.The database of Scrap Index Reference Value can be Modified,added.
    10.Testing used oil directly needn’t compare with new oil.
    11.Amending and adding the new oil date in database.
    12.The value showed in test result with suggestion of “CAN USE”,“MAY USE”,“SUGGEST SCRAP”.
    13.Portable equipment and on-site used.

Ⅳ.Operating Instructions:  

    Operating Manual:
    1).Put the analyzer on the horizontal table.
    2).Press the power button on top of the analyzer,the analyzer will check itself successfully and display the current Date,Time,Battery Level,Version information on screen.
    3).Basic Button Functions
    【Enter】(Green Button)The Standby Interface convert to Function Selection Interface by pressing the [Enter] button.
    【Back】(Red Button)Back to Standby Interface or Function Selection Interface.
    【↑】Select Icon.As “Up Key”while input Numbers.
    【↓】Select Icon.As “Down Key “while input Numbers.
    【←】Select Icon.As “Cursor Left Moving Key” while input Numbers.
    【→】Select Icon.As “Cursor Right Moving Key” while input Numbers.

For the present THY-23A oil quality analyzer is applied to various fields such as aerospace, oil field, ports, transport, mine, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry and engineering plant., etc.