Portable Octane Analyzer

Brand:   THY


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Ⅰ.Portable Octane Analyzer efficacy:  
    THY-XWB-X Octane Analyzer is a portable, intellectualized, small-sized product, low voltage,the power consumption signal processing and data-processing system be used for it to make the product work normally under DC power, It will shut off automatically without any operation or insufficient power condition.

Portable Octane Analyzer Main Features:
    Portable Octane Analyzer Technology Specifications:

    ◆Small-sized and lightweight design
    ◆Accurate result and good repeatability
    ◆Results in 20 seconds and shut off automatically
        without any operation in 3 minutes
    ◆Undervoltage prompt function

    Working temperature:﹣15℃ to ﹢80℃
    Measuring Range: 70-110
    Machine Power: ≤0.1W
    Weight: 0.8kg
    Power supply: 4*1.5V AA batteries
    Size: 183×96×38mm

Ⅱ.Portable Octane Analyzer Operation Condition:  
    1. The instrument should be used in the temperature of -15℃~+80℃.
    2. The instrument also should not be used in high—voltage electrostatic field so as not to disturb the work of detecting parts.
Portable Octane Analyzer Description

Ⅲ.Portable Octane Analyzer USER’ MANUAL:  

    Put the analyzer on the horizontal table, Press the key of 【ON】,the analyzer enter in standby status after “welcome to use THY-XWA-X”showed on the LCD screen. And then LCD screen show"START TEST?TEST?VOLT?"

    1.Press key of【TEST】,the analyzer enter in standby status after screen shows" clean sensor," Use petroleum ether of 60~90℃ to wash the oil chamber, and use absorbent cotton to clean the oil chamber.(Twice)
    2.Press key of 【ENTER】,screen shows “self-checking,wait”
    3.Screen shows "PUT GASOLINE”
    4.Drip gasoline into oil chamber press key of 【ENTER】, screen shows"wait", the instrument being in status of testing.
    5.Screen shows testing result " xx#, finished"
    6.Press key of【ENTER】,screen shows"clean sensor for next time"


    Press key of 【VOLT】, the screen"

    Used for crash by various reasons and operation termination required by user

    1.After finishing detection, press key of 【OFF】
    2.It will shut off automatically without any operation in 3 minutes .
    3.Press key of 【OFF】for termination or shutdown during operation

Ⅴ.Portable Octane Analyzer Applications:  
    For the present THY-XW portable octane analyzer can be applied to refining companies, petrochemical companies, oil depots, oil stations, gas stations, gasoline stations, the National Quality Supervision, Inspection Department., ect.

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