THY-400Q diesel oil filter
Name:   Diesel oil purifier
Brand:  Janenope
Model:  THY-400Q
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Main Functions: Specifications

    1. Filtering more than 90% harmful impurities in diesel fuel
    2. Drawing off more than 95% water in diesel fuel
    3. Reducing vehicle emissions up to 20% to 60%
    4. Diesel fuel consumption reduced by 5% to 10%

    Size: 580*480*595mm
    Interface of inlet&outlet pipe: flange Dn50
    Max working pressure:500Kpa
    Net weight: 78kg
    Type and quantity of filter core:C1040A*7


Main Advantages: Main Effects:

    1. Integrated multi-level filter technology
    2. High filter fineness and working efficiency
    3. Long replacement cycle for filter core
    4. Low original resistance

    1. Decreasing fuel consumption
    2. Reducing engine failure and strengthening dynamic accordingly
    3. Prolonging engine service life
    4. Reducing maintenance cost for diesel engine and its diesel filter

Ⅰ.Product Description:  

    THY-400Q diesel oil purifier is the special equipment for diesel cleaning. It was ceveloped by Xi'an Tianhou Filter Technology Co.,Ltd. Its special filter technology of multistage as one could filter more than 90% detrimental impurities and has strong function of oil water separation. Top purification cavity design prevent contaminated oil into purification cavity when changing filter element.

    Structural feature:

    Structual features: stainless steel design, single-bucket struction, DN50 flange connection for inlet&outlet, on-top Purification cavity design to prevent contaminated oil into Purification cavity while changing filter core, easy installation,.

Ⅱ.Product function and installation:  

    While using, it should series connect the reserved oil inlet(outlet) port of the product with the fueling pipelines between the engine and oil box(or storage tank). It should pay attention to the direction of oil inlet(outlet). When using and changing the filter element at the first time, it should note that draining away the air in the tank completely. Installation height of oil box(or storage tank) should be higher than height of 400Q.

    Water draining and change filter element

    The diesel purifier has strong function of oil water separation, when being use continually, it should have water draining and contamination draining in every 7 days; open blowdown valve until water and contaminated oil out of unit, then close blowndown valve

Ⅲ. Method of changing filter element  

    Under normal using, if pressure gage give out warning or oil have been used over 3000 hours, it should change filter element.
    1) close inlet valve and loose fitting nut on the top cover to open top cover.
    2) Open blowdown valve until contaminated oil out of unit and remove filter element gently in the vertical position.
    3) Put new filter element into unit.
    4) Close drain valve and upper end cover(attention to put on sealing ring) to fit the fastening bolt.
    5) When using work mode of oil pumping , you should fill vat with oil and drain away air completely, open inlet and outlet valve and then boot; when using work mode of oiling, open inlet valve and meantime open venting screw, fit venting screw when oil out of hole of venting screw., it is ok to use after opening outlet valve.

    Application: THY-400Q diesel oil purifiers can be mainly applied to various oil storage facilities.